Episode II: S​.​M​.​O​.​K​.​E.

by Billy Conahan

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Six months after his previous mixtape release, Billy Conahan's "S.M.O.K.E." appears online for download. The growth of this MC is apparent in his dedication and hunger for success. Borrowing from old-school beats, and some brand new jams, Billy's style takes that of a man well beyond his years. Original production by Raj Chrome, Kid Vision, and DJ Grumble.

What's That Funny Smell video:


released March 20, 2013

Lyrics: Billy Conahan

Recorded and Mixed: Joe Jung

Production: DJ Grumble, Raj Chrome, Kid Vision

Artwork: Christian Arichibala (AD8)
& Mackenzie Greer Photography



all rights reserved


Billy Conahan Queens, New York

Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Billy Conahan is always quick to express his love for his city. An engaging performer with a natural storytelling ability, and charming wit, Billy found an audience and fan base that was truly captivated by his magnetic personality. His popularity and skill led him to opening for Mike Stud at the Highline Ballroom and Pusha T at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. ... more

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Track Name: Feel It All Around (Remix) [Prod. by Washed Out]
Dawn arrives with the morning tide
I slide into bed, head drowning out the bad vibes
Living every night like it was my last ride
Fuck the world is my generation's past time

A fast stride, it's thrill or be thrilled
It's kill or be killed, Will isn't such a bad guy
Flashbacks to my past life
Now if I size someone up, I make sure to get my math right

A cab ride through the city in a snowstorm
Fall asleep alone is like trying to keep a ghost warm
I float on like I'm Modest Mouse
Taking no half measures, so I gotta buy the full ounce

When I take into account all the doubts I be living in
One minute I'm a man and the next, I'm a kid again
Till my heart pumps the bitter end…
I wanna know if we live again…

I couldn't be more honest
Told pops he had a house, gonna keep that promise
But now the world is at a stands still
The message these rappers is so trash, it overflows the landfills

Why did man turn his back on man?
When did his life become less than the cash in his hands?
Life's a bitch, but we raised her
Threatens to put her wrists to razors, and there is no one there to save her

You guessed it, just as you had expected
Brainwash the people is they're major objective
Making you believe that you must be accepted
But fuck that, i'm my own President Elect bitch
(And uh, here's another one / every rhyme in the hatch is a catch, I'm a golden glove)

Don't let the media control you, they wanna mold you.
Misinformed is becoming the norm
They wanna fold you down to make sure you can't stop it
Pocket all these profits of war, and what for?

They wanna hold (mold) into the creases of they're coattails
And how the story ends for you, it don't bode well.
Nah it don't bode well
Track Name: You Will See [Prod. by Kid Vision]
Living in a world full of differences,
Do you ever stop to find out what that difference is?
Are you ever interested?
You can walk a thousand miles and never see the Pyramids

Gonna give it all I got, but is it enough?
And right now i'm looking for a bigger cut
See my people all they wanting is a bigger cup
We all thought 20 was the age to be living up

So, I hope you hear this and you speak of us
Light those L's, turn your speaker up
Gonna blow it's matter of days
It's a shame that the game is a matter of plays

Desire becomes obsession when you can't have it
Wake up one day to find it's nothing but a bad habit
God damn't, my talent, I gotta use it
Few men kill and others will die to do this

Once in a lifetime, but do they understand
They living life the same way i'm living mine?
And I've grown to defy all the doubts
Didn't drop out a pussy to just lie on a couch

Dropped of school cause I sat and I slouched
But I never let it get in the way of my education
The fear that I face, is that the money I make
Will cause me to break, but fuck it, take it all, make it count


I choose my words carefully, my heart gotta feel'em
When i'm on stage rapping all people see a villain
But they probably did the same to Cobain and Dylan
But i'm taken' it from Pac, fuck the world and they feelings

This is for the millions of children who sit and listen
To rap without they're parents permission
They wishing for something better to get'em by
Weed to get'em high, another round of drinks
To make'em think we're living fine

Now I find, they only leave the deaf to lead the blind
Generation of decline, till we run out of time
So maybe a piece of mine, could give you some peace of mind
Advertising a way out, but you never see the signs

Gotta read between the lines to decipher the code
Fuck all the bitches, keep your sights on the gold
And remember exactly where you were, when you were told
Cause one day you may, pay the piper what he is owed

Track Name: Eternal Sunshine / Chances Are [Prod. by Raj Chrome]
I'm try to be content with my life
Come to terms with all my wrongs and the rights
Love to burn and I know it sounds trife
You only live once but you gotta die twice

So, i was talking to my former self
He said, "You are who you are and nothing else."
Oh, see I knew I was gonna say that
Just another needle in the haystack

Good men may not always do good things
Really throws me for a loop like a shoe string
I'm too simple maybe to civil
They use the word "faggot" and call themselves liberals

Not political, it's really a moral issue
So take it personal if that's the shoe fits you
I wear a 9 and a half too


I'm high in the sky and above the influence
Little bit of Caeser but of course without the Brutus
It's time to do this, rhyme and make music
Live for today and leave the past excluded

Yo, i'm looking through my third eye
See what I see, cause all I see is a gold mine
Straight tripping, wired off battery acid
I spit flames, a man had to get his skin grafted

I shook his brain till they came out of a nostril
Had his people bumping like they drove over a pothole
Say what you will, you better give me my props though
A mixtape masterpiece, forging a Picasso

Apocalypse now, how'd you wanna swallow it?
No toppings, no chasers, no condiments
Lyrics like a picture, voice is like a monument
And you'll never see me coming till we mono e mono kid
Track Name: Stand Strong (Remix) [Prod. by DJ Evil Dee, the Beatminez]

They say every dog has it's day but that day ain't today son
How's that if i've been working since day one
You want beef, I'll bring the A-1 and AK's
I spend my days digging other rapper's graves

Up the ante, I feel like getting paid
I got a weekly fresh squeeze, they call me minute maid
UGH! No slave to the industry
Every time I rhyme I know that every single rhyme I spit is me

Lyrically enhanced, not a chance you can finish me
Another rapper slain, another unsolved mystery
I'm off the chain, back up give the kid some space
Say I have no flavor, well you never had taste son

So what you wanna do?
Wanna be brawlers? Shot callers; ballers?
You thought wrong thinking I would falter
Bow down and call me the king, Jerry Lawler

Five foot four but my money grows taller
Cool guy, too fly like a saucer
Caught up in the web, turned fed when we lost ua
Pride before the fall now how much did that cost ya

Penny for my thoughts, you'd be broke in a day
Slay MCs and provide, play-by-play
Stop acting up or i'mma get dramatic on you
Never shacking up, that's when wifey get fat on you


To my people in Queens, Stand Strong
To my peeps out in BK, Stand Strong
To my honeys Uptown, Stand Strong
To the homies in the Boogie Down

And to the people of Shaolin, Stand Strong
Long Island, and Far Rock Stand Strong
To my people in the Dirty Jerz, Stand Strong
To my people of the world, Stand Strong

When I come around the block
I give mad love to the heads that I know while the heads that I don't know watch
Keep your eyes on the top notch prospect
Reaching for the top lock, careful not let to KOPS in

So go ahead, put me on the top ten
Even if i'm number one, think that I would stop then?
Conform or adapt?
It's not where you are from, kid, but where you at

There is no cure for the madness of heart
And the internal struggle is the magic of art
So I hope to see ours name on top of the charts
And not fall victim to the game and it's sharks

Cause any night could be your last in a world like this
Mind over matter, gotta calculate the risk
Ride with no hands, man you best get a grip
Cause your ship might sink when the shit gets thick

And in this very moment, my poetry's in motion
Iceberg verses, if my words are an ocean
Focus, the golden age flow be ferocious
Don't front cause I know I got you open

And when in class, yes I always had the high-grades
The back of my notebook indicates I'm a rhyme slave
Get the message, burst like an appendix
A hellfied-hectic, electric like Jimi Hendrix, so check it
Track Name: Seven O'Clock [Intro by Pat Dixon / Prod. by DJ Grumble]
I liked you better when the sun went down
The cigarettes came out, we turned the music low and shared a round
That facade fades, we gaining ground
And we'll take our chances since now we've skimmed outta the crowd

And by now, you already know my next move
What is it I gotta say to get you into the best mood
Doing whatever it takes to impress you
How many licks does it take to get into the bedroom?

Come on baby live it up, we'll be dead soon
Way you play with hearts makes me think you went to Med School
Tattoos and licorice, the liquor hits my liver
Little quicker than the loss of my innocence

I trace the surface of your hips with my fingertips
Greet me to your body of work, you meet my lips
As I draw the curtains, I know for certain
In the morning, we'll both be a different person

And was it worth it? Your body's perfect
But what's the purpose if I only love the surface
Then it was worthless, turn the lights off
Spend the night drinking, turn the mics off

She enveloped me, sky blue eyes, fly accessories
A midsummer's night and we exchanged pleasantries
Mental telepathy, what could the message be?
Had not asked why she had lied of her identity*

Over the boom-bap, sat humming the melodies
Kicking back, had a chat over some memories
Not usually the type to get hyped around celebrities
But if sexy was a crime, this dime would be a felony

I wish her next to me, though it has yet to because
The only time I see her is the illusion of a memory

I tried to transpose her code to no avail
At times I get so desperate I cage her in brain cell
Drank water from the same well
And when I hear her name, it puts me in a spell, baby I got the fever
Track Name: IDGAF (Remix Feat. J-Craze) [Prod. by J-Dilla]
(V1 / J-Craze)
I rap to get my mind off things
it's a daily struggle living life, broke as hell
working double shifts to cop the kicks I like
Fantasize about whips and ice
Daydreaming of my neck and wrist gleaming more than Christmas lights

Then the waitress tells me she needs some ice
The harsh reality of my position in this world causes strife
But I don't dwell, I just excel
Labbing on my lyrics preparing to give this rap game hell

Cause I ain't stopping till my mothafuckin pockets swell
Cause once I make it, I will give it out as well
I'm taking care of my community, it's about unity
My only chance at life and I'm taking this opportunity

Hip-hop's my professor, this beat is my test
Fuck being the best, I just need to get some shit off my chest
Yeah I know this hip hop games a mess
But we gonna clean it up. Trust.

(V2 - Billy C.)
Track Name: The Truth [Prod. by Raj Chrome]
It's moments like these that I almost lose focus
Caught in the breeze like the trees I be smoking
But there I am with a line like a clothespin
Got'em frozen like they posing for a portrait

So cut the chatter, stop speaking like you know shit
I'm so hungry I'm bout to leak my own shit
So much to say but never enough measure
You can hate but appreciate the effort

Broke bread with Christ, had dinner with the devil
Pass the buddha to buddha and now he's on my level
The Nirvana I get from Marijuana
The Ganga in a bowl or roll it up in a fanta

I want the crowd forming lines like assemblies
Going out for mines, blowing minds like the Kennedys
Everybody sees my swagger as I stagger in
Daggering bitches, grab a chaser, hammer down the gin

Flabbergast'em, blast'em, ash'em like blunts
You might be Ash Ketchum but you haven't caught me once
Must have told myself a thousand times
If your gonna blow, make sure it ain't a land mine

(Rakim - "Give me a stage, and a mic, and a mix")
You want the truth, you can't handle the truth


A thousand miles to the limit
Bout to hit a milestone I'm still not finished
You can't diminish my image, damage my vision
Grabbing my ambitions, living high, sky's not the limit

This will only take a minute if you give me the time
Broadcast, live and direct, from the back of the line
Today's rappers say nothing like a room full of mimes
So every joint i get on I'm on point like porcipine

Forfied the structure, reinforced the rhymes
K.O.P. on the come up, your crew is on decline
I'm on the grind till I'm signed, in the limelight
Rewind the track if you haven't got the time right

In hindsight, this is my life for eternity
And I would be remissed if this industry never heard of me
So perfectly I'd fit like twot its after surgery
Leave those playschool rhymes for the nursery

Track Name: Sound Is God [Prod. by DJ Grumble]
Now this is Destiny, and ain't no bargaining
I'm in charge till a thousand men come marching in
Till the Sergeants come barging in to threaten my civility
These lyrics like a matchbook, sparks of creativity

In verses and soliloquies I often compare
The gunshot to a snare, the beats to a prayer
And I find that it's unfair, to dare to tell the truth
When the truth is so hard to bare.

I'm an educated fool, no wonder I hated school
Fuck a test, had a habit of testing the rules
I'm trying to change the world with the talents I've been given
Time will tell if heaven or hell that we are living

Cause God saved the Queen but forgot about the children
I wish'em well, the wishing well is filling
The feeling to see the people I love / not get they're fill in
The mission for wealth is vicious, it's often a contradiction

If anybody is listening, hope you haven't succumb
Hope you understand the message, I'm not speaking in tongues
And I refuse to pledge allegiance to a nation of guns
If the world is round, the west will never be won

With every breathe in my lungs, know that I meant every word
(I've got to) make this music and it's gotta be heard (2x)

It's like that ya'll, it's like that ya'll
And if you don't seek the truth, you'll never get the facts ya'll!
Track Name: Can I Kick It? (Remix Feat. KB Jones) [Prod. by A Tribe Called Quest]
(V1 - Billy Conahan)
Well can I kick it? Why yes I can.
Thrill seekers in the bleechers know that Will I Am!
I still damage MC's, they be feeling the pain
Every mic maybe different, but I kill'em the same

So I'mma ride to this rhythm of the beat, no brakes
What would be a track if it had no bass?
I try not to laugh in they're faces
Experience the glitch in the walls of the Matrix

Now, im trying to have me a Lucille Ball
Enough money to sit back in Royce Lou Rawls
KOP we the Kings of the Planet
Type a rapper to paint a picture, an' never touch a canvas

A man, god damn now why can I articulate
My soul is on the line can someone please reciprocate
Throw your hands high when I spit
Let the people know what I do is legit, so I kick it?


(V2 - KB Jones)
Well can I kick it? Of course I can
It's KB Jones and the Kontraband
Billy C. hit me up and then
We took Quest on this rhythm just to rock this jam

You can ask my mother's womb when we kick right out
1987 was the year no doubt
We come with force, anybody stepping to me, you get tossed
Rap on a track, we straight fat like Rick Ross

We coming fresh like a cork
Fresher than embalming fluid at the morgue, we stay alive
Also relavent like the Tribe
The jazz, the funk, and hip hop is inside

Bye, bye, birdie gone fly
Get pissed at any click that think they all sly
Cause my family is as hard as stone
KB Jones prone to rock the microphone

You passing me by, you get a fat lip
Open cuts when I bust, every verse I spit
You passing me by, you get a fat lip
Open cuts when I bust, every verse I spit, so can I kick it?

Track Name: What's That Funny Smell? [Prod. by Raj Chrome]
The blood rushes, pen touches the papyrus
Hand clutching my nuts, the world around me unraveling
A little bit of thought is what I dabble in
So if you just tuned in, I bet you're thinking that i'm babbling

Don't forget to vote if you think it really matters then
Show up on Election Day, and turn your ballot in
And saddle up your horses, fortify the fortress
Before we catch you in your sleep like the Armed Forces (Osama)

So salvage what you can from the wreckage
From the sands of the desert, or get slammed in a second
Just got to piss, roll a spliff then split
Sit, spit and record records, burn copies onto discs

I know the whole world is after this.
Keep watching the throne if you think that's where the master sits
I live my life as I imagine it
You blow so hard, I wouldn't trust you to keep a candle lit

I burn MCs, my CDs come with bandages
Bill Clinton on the mic, so scandalous
NYC all the way to Los Angeles
One time for your mind, yo i'm outta this