Episode III: Illation

by Billy Conahan

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The eagerly awaited third mixtape by Billy Conahan, "Episode III: Illation" is his defining moment. Following his debut at the 2013 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, Billy continued to hone his talents to create a lasting impression on the NYC music scene. Back in the studio, Billy teamed up with producers worldwide, including Lewis Parker, Czientist, Shade Cobain, Noah B, Marjuice, and others to offer a genuine hip-hop experience for all. Spread the love, and thank you for tuning in! #teambilly #illation


released August 27, 2014

Lyrics by: Billy Conahan

Mixed / Mastered: Nicholas Howard (@NicholasHoward)
Artwork & Design: Christian Arichabala (arichabala.tumblr.com)
Back Cover: Mackenzie Greer (mackenziegreer.com)
Scratches: DJ Rawbeatz (@Rawbeatz)



all rights reserved


Billy Conahan Queens, New York

Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Billy Conahan is always quick to express his love for his city. An engaging performer with a natural storytelling ability, and charming wit, Billy found an audience and fan base that was truly captivated by his magnetic personality. His popularity and skill led him to opening for Mike Stud at the Highline Ballroom and Pusha T at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. ... more

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Track Name: 1 The Renaissance (Prod. by Noah B.)
"New to the rap scene, brothers never heard of me…" - Nas

Don't call it a comeback, cause I've been there, and i've done that
I love rap, subtracting riders from their hubcaps
Get hyped fast, you might last, but long before the night caps
My mic blast, capsizing (sink) your ship, stealing your life raft

Hazardous, mastered this pronouns to adjectives
Rattle kids like Rabbit did, I make 'em shit like laxatives
Matter of fact I react like I'm an activist
Tunnel through your passages, they don't know the half of it

Tell me what your passion is, I'll pass it on and practice it
Set a tone, break the mold, build a home, and craft in it
Plot my strategies, plan to my advantages
Salivate like savages over a plate of sandwiches

I'm hungry, so please pardon my sound
Because I refuse to let my peers try to water me
And it's for certain, they don't want no parts of me now
I spot the target, the victim was then murdered by sound

"Interrupt your cypher, and crush your blunt…" - Q-Tip

Class is out, we still cutting them classics
Cotton mouth, but still puffing the cactus
Still Underground but ain't pushing up jack kid
This game ain't safe, like no prophylactics

Bro, relax it's the end of the beginning
I rocked the bells, you could still hear them ringing
I'm bringing it all back homie, Bob Dylan
When you tell 'em they ain't Jordan, they start thinking that they Pippen

They tripping, and most rappers write fiction
But I spit real game so they all over my diction
An Aries, wordsmith without the dictionary
I got Book Worms, my Word Sick without the dysentery

Automated, cause you never had a voice box
Walkie Talkie, but could never make your voice pop
The choice is yours and I suggest you look at options
Cause the clocks ticking, and you in need of a Watchman

Track Name: 2 Open Mic (Prod. by Czientist)
It's Open Mic (4x)

Observe the spots, connect the dots
Today could be the only one in stock
Manage to keep time like my mind is a watch
Analyze all the lies, through my eyes like a fox

Started from the bottom, quite aways from the top
Though I made what I got like a slave in a shop
I'm here to thrive, and no one's gonna tell me not
I'm all drive, but still amazing the lots

Cook up something mean without serving a rock
And with a dollar and a dream, I'm the cream of the crop
Guru said, "watch your team could be scheming up plots"
Till I send them on they way to grave in a box

It was they last stop, letting they ass rot
Under the trash lot, out to the stash spot
Light up some Sasquatch, call that cash crop
Ya know this man's hot, ya know yo man's not

I'm rocking shit like Amadeus till my hands pop
Cause these bitches cheer for players like they mascots
Till these sheeps turn to lamb chops
Weathering the storm until the sand stops

It's Open Mic (4x)

Welcome to the metropolis, I've gathered you here to conquer it
The students of the game, here to reign, no scholarship
When I rock jaws drop with astonishment
Headed to the top, destination approximate

Trying to get my name across the continent
Obtain a higher plain till this brain lose consciousness
I want happiness, I want acknowledgement
I want the hate mail, I want the complements

I want the fact that I practice to master chapters
To give half-assed, hap-hazard rappers less confidence
Whatever you thinking I think the opposite
Pick apart a rhythm with precision of my consonants

The fact is i'm no novice, i'm polished like Jackson Pollack
My poetry carves marbles into monuments
No stopping this I'm like stop and frisk
Dislocated your army while I pop in my disc

Track Name: 3 Better Let It Out (Prod. by Marjuice)

Keep staring at the steering wheel
trying to get a feel for what's really real
But real talk, think you scared to deal
With the reality you might never have a career

That's something we all fear
But it's something that we all share
We still trying to figure out where we started
It's like trying to find the light in the darkness

Regardless, you never seen a squad like us, cause
Roots spread from our quests, Love
Never know you might end up
Get checked by knight, no chess club

They say I'm missing part A, and part B
But how can that be when I'm already parting Cs.
I lose sleep over looseleaf paper
Wondering if I'll ever get the chance to save ya?

If you got something
Better make that something now
Take what's coming
Don't run, could you hear me out?

If you got something
You better let it out
Don't keep it to yourself
Cause then the world just might shutdown

Love life, but some nights I slip
And sink to the abyss like a million sunken ships
Blunt on my lips, blood in my shit
I just want to dip, but I don't have the chips

But, I gotta carry on man, it's tougher to quit
They may say you ain't nothing, may say you ain't shit
But I know better to believe them right?
Go ahead, let 'em leave, they'll be back that night

Give me back that mic son, I gotta pay them dues
D idn't think this pay off, I'd stay in school
I never take a day off, I'll be dead when I do
And even then my apparition will still haunt the booth Boo!

We coming up, so be careful who you dissing
We the ones to turn it up while you turning up missing
Listen, never fasting, i'm feasting
Eating MCs after trying them for treason, they're weaklings

Track Name: 4 Til I'm Gone (Prod. by Marjuice)
Packed myself another bowl
Purps in it, first hit, ready to rock n' roll
Pipe kicked but now we're ready to lock and load
So keep the mic lit, I'm getting into cypher mode

Skies the limit? Then the skies low
So turn your speakers up, i'm reaching for the cosmos
And stay sleeping, i'mma hit you with your eyes closed
Till they dilate, and now they wide awake

I lie in wait and stake out my opportunities
I might be new to rap, but the rap ain't new to me
Yup, word is bond I'll be on till the dawn
And beyond, from the cradle to the grave, hope you save me a toke…and you smoke till i'm gone

FROM the EAST to the WEST… ("Smoke till I'm gone…" - Snoop Dogg)
FROM the NORTH to the SOUTH...

Now learning how to operate could send you to a higher place
Go ahead, take the lead, get to driving straight
See if I die today, heaven is a mile away
Though I only pray when I Thank God It's Friday

I'm a creek that never runs dry
It'd be wise to watch your mouth before you get your tongue tied
Twisting knots into a landscape
No I won't dim it down like a lampshade

I'm sand-paper to most, an hour later I'm ghost
And I don't care if the band's played
You know there ain't no grave that could hold my body down
I ride around, my side of town, you bring a dub, I'll buy a round

There's plenty of dust to kick up, plenty of us to settle
I never met a four because I heard the one was special
You're better off with the Devil now your kettle is black
Peep the first verse you should know I ain't new to rap, now who is that, it's Mister...


This is no hallucination, nor illusion I'm creating
Ability to communicate a set with no location
That's time and space, the confines which you placed in
The matrix, because outside we are dangerous

I'm taking off once my feet hit the pavement
Wake up every morning, storm forming in our basement
Love it or hate it, you either play or get played it's
Either you place or replace you, sedate you and have you wasted

These serpents lay in a snake pit it's safe to say once you make it
They'll be looking to take it, so face it, no stage is safe yet
I'm so close to the light, I can taste it
Like I was once an angel but my memory erased it

My clientele still wish to remain nameless
Still changing the game, the game watches me change it
I shape shift, daydreaming during my day shift
Cause they don't know that I might blow so I don't really say shit, woah, so I'mma SMOKE

Track Name: 5 A Hero's Journey (Feat. Laurie Anne Creus / Prod. by Noah B.)
(Billy's verse)

Thinking bout you, I wouldn't know where to start
I'll write from the soul, and I'll speak with my heart
Craft a brand new joint, all we need is a spark
Give it a little character, this story an arc

Begin where I left off, Astoria Park
A riverside drive till the sunsets darkens the apartment
Impacting the night, trying to leave it's mark
Want to play the role, but I ain't fit for the part

In all honesty, this open letters no apology
If I bottle it up, it'll only then serve to bother me
Followed my curiosity, led me on this odyssey
Should've seen the signs, read up on my astrology

She said it's not you, it's my psychology
Conscious constantly aware of her anomalies
Not in the picture, but a fan of her photography
I'm Plato to her, but she is no Socrates

No apostrophe, son (sun), she was never mine
Rise and fall like the moon, she was always set to shine
Diamonds in her eyes, dandelion wines
Tattoos, licorice, madness of the summertime

Find me reminiscing of rainy days in June
Wish would never stop, so we wouldn't leave the room
I assumed too much, maybe over ambitious
Often enough the fantasies turn out to be fictitious

So, Miss Mary Mac matching wits with the cat
Running circles the dogs, victory laps
Ya'll know it's like that, I know it's like that
But my heart will reside where the mics at

I hope you hear this then you laugh, and you write back
And be as candid as you can you know I like that

Never heard a warning that you gave me
Never bought a record that you played me
All the times I was wishing you would save me
Now I know the one who needs saving

If you've been where I've been before.
If you've been where I've been before.
If you've been where I've been before.
If you've been where I've been before….then you know (2x)

(Laurie-Anne's verse)
And why'd you make me wait so long, I'm about to lose it
Tell me what I did so wrong, you know I'm only human
Build me up to break me down to ruins
I want you to love meeeeee, like you love my music

Track Name: 7 Same Old Story (Prod. by Birocratic)
Drew my sword upon the scent of a serpent's breathe
Cause all you do is when faced with certain death
Burned down a circus tent in a milli-sec
Cause they said I was the shit, till the curb was swept

So I relearned my steps, and now I earn my rep
They tried to tell me who's the greatest, haven't heard 'em yet
And the docs making meds they haven't cured us yet
Popping percocets, the ones they haven't purchased yet

So consider this an urgent threat
They got scopes and we got hopes and bayonets
They out scoping, hoping to repay they're debts
We out croaking, getting smoked by our cigarettes

It's the same old story
"Your rhymes hot, but they just not for me…"
It's the same old story
"Your rhymes don't scare me, they bore me…" (2x)

Look how we grew up, screwed up, chewed up, spit out
Trying to get our loot up, book 'em at even cookouts
I blew out every speaker on the block
And learned if you wanna act BIG, well you might get PAC'd

It's no surprise, I've arrived at the top of your list
Must want my props, with no rocks on my wrist
So take what you want, you'll never get my spect dude
Cause the real recognize where respects due

Quite foul maybe I should get a tech too
Shitting on rappers like spitting rhymes in a rest room
Nevermind what the best doing
Seen the rest try to impress me but i'm not stupid

Fair enough if it's your life then you should just do it
But I never trust a man who turns his back to face the music
An ddon't confuse me, I'm not to be taken lightly
B-I-L-L-Y, © see no other rapper like me

Track Name: 8 Hands Up! (Prod. by Marjuice)
I wanna see those hands up, like it's money you owe
Pass me the bottles and the blunts with the OG
Oh me, oh my, oh god
One time for your mind, one time

If time is money, and money is money
Then money is time, man isn't time funny
So I tick-tock like hip-hop, no, I won't stop to wait
Show to show, Coast to coast, state to state

Place to place, face to face with the best of em'
It's all good, but I'm looking to get the best of em'
I heard the rest, but I ain't sounding like the rest of em'
They all players, I'm the referee that's ejecting them

And let 'em hate cause the game gon' love it
If you're going to the store could you cop me some dutches
No disrespect, but when a crowd hears your on
They are going, going, going…gone (let's go)

I wanna see those hands up, like it's money you owe
Pass me the bottles and the blunts with the OG
Oh me, oh my, oh god
One time for your mind, one time

One mic, one life, one rhyme
One cypher, one mind, one time
One heart, one body, one soul
One dance, one chance, one shot, one goal

Let's go, let me bring back one more
And if you feeling that, well then you gotta let me know
you gotta bounce, til i'm gone, you know what I'm about
The night won't last forever so tonight, you make it count

Make you say OW!, make you say OH!
Make the crowd scream, when I says so (2x)

I wanna see those hands up
Track Name: 9 What's The Commotion (Prod. by Marshtini of Loop.Holes)
"The poetry's in motion"
"What's the commotion? Oh My Lord" - Method Man
What's the commotion? Impact approaching
Bring terror back to the dome as the distance be closing
I goes in
And when you finally come around, I'mma ask where you hoes been

In the shit you should've never stuck your nose in
Up the dosage, the potency of poetry prose poems are potions
A little bit of smoke with a mix of emotions
Once i gotta instagram, started bringing O's in

Stay sleeping, i'mma hit you while you dozing
A-Rod on the Mic, you know I'm still doping
The dopiest MC coming straight outta Queens
And with the rocky road behind us, now it's cookies and cream

I had a dream I'd see my money swell, see how your studies failed
Ever since you wondered what in the world was that funny smell?
Bloody hell, quest for domination
Beats, rhymes, life, what a deadly combination


Never compare yourselves to dead men, that's stiff competition
Dead weight, more rappers for morticians
I set straight the course for more tours
Enforce the full force of flows, and flow vicious

There's no limits, no cure for my sickness
Pure of heart, but fearful of being fearless
In the pit of my stomach I can feel this
Bubbling up, we rumbling like some real shit

So don't gas me, you ain't even close to clean
You spit dope, but what I'm spitting is dopamine
It took a hold of me, an overdose of poetry
The potency could overload a modem till it broke the screen

And so it seems, the fire inside rises
Aspire to be higher than cloud nine, the pilot
Looks out his window, sees I'm skydiving
Thriving in a place that nobody could survive in


Thinking of a master plan to get my papes up
It ain't just luck, Doc. you need patience
And no telling where this road might take us
Write a thousand hooks hope overnight one makes us

Bigger than we ever been, better than you never were
Rap's changed but that don't mean I'm thinking less of her
As for the rest of you, you can hit the vestibules
Spitting at the festivals, man I got the best of views.

I'm here to test the rules, maybe even break a few
Take it to the maximum, make these records Plat-I-Num
I keep dragging MCs behind my horse and carriage
Cardiac arrest, felt the force in ya chest

I'll send your whole crew packing, home in a package
Wrapping up rappers like raps are wrapping paper and plastic
I passed your pastor, told him, "Make plans" for your passing
Perhaps prepare a passage of your aspirations and passions
Track Name: 10 Favorite Hook (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
You said I was your favorite author
So i'mma write your favorite book
It's like I was a famous scholar
So I'mma take a second look

Peep this, chapter one, verse six
Famous faces, in nameless places
No need to pose for the prose in my pages
Frame you in my mind, where I picture you naked

No mean to be crude or abrasive
Workin on the cover, I was hoping you'd grace it
Hourglass body, given time I would trace it
Meanwhile the sketches broken into basics

Impressionistic expression is what made us famous
Layer the canvas, for you I will paint it
Thirst for watercolor in my hunt (search) for oasis
Had a lot of lovers, but none of them as creative

Cause nothing is as real as the love we created
Made it to the scene even though we had staged it
Essence of incense, enticed by her fragrance
Lust for her touch cause that rush is amazing

Think she dry slow just to test my patience
Decode the message, had to adjust to her cadence
Always at the pad, but I haven't been the same since
I've found her, I'm in tune with her stations

Our bond is new, but the love is ancient
It's like we've seen a thousand dawns from a spaceship
But throughout time, those memories have faded
Or maybe too sacred to fathom the matrix

So before I'm taking out by the agents
Play this, maybe in the future it'll make sense


Yeah, I wonder if you feel this
Perhaps turned on by my appearance
Honey, i'm here to lift up your spirits
Everybody needs somebody like field trip

Now i'm not like most fellas
Harder to see through than Pac at Coachella
Pops knew that his boy would be a go-getter
Told me if I loved her, then I better go get her

So, I'm hoping you remember me
Along the back pages of your memories
Message in a bottle, send it out to sea
For all the broken hearts, may they rest in peace

Can you forgive my past?
Learned all my lessons after I skipped class
I hope it's all good, after all my bads
And if you love me already, I wonder if it's gone last

Track Name: 11 An Epiphany (Prod. by Lewis Parker)
The scene unravels to madness when I'm addressing the masses
I lit a match;it was no flash in a pan, you turned the ashes
Testing average never mattered to me, I liked a challenge
The chance is that these masses agree? I liked the answers

It was just a matter of time
Before the matter at hand, fell into hands of a mastermind
The last alive of the Slaughter House Five
There's a war going on outside, I will survive

With bare handed barbarity, bars breaking anatomies
It's hard to believe they barely breathing enough to hear me speaking actually
Plot your strategies, fill your cavities
The roof could be on fire, I'll still pack it past capacity

Look at my Raps, you'll know what hard work means?
They want fifteen minutes off of one sixteen
Don't make me laugh bro, you better gather up the facts yo
You be thinking shit is sweet, like all you licking is assholes

Then an epiphany, told me not give up yet
My creativities, will lead me to the furthest extent
Of capabilities, sooner or later they will accept
No matter what they expect, what you see is what you get

I killed a thousand mics before I ever made a G
Then I rearranged the alphabet, now you (U) owe (O) me (M, E)
I kept it up, close, and personal to further the seed
To achieve the things in life that you never believed

I left your whole crew asking, wonder what happened
I was hacking 'em up, having 'em stuffed and sent packing
I'm toe tagging, havoc enough to keep your toes tapping
No Jackson, but gott'em bouncing like the moon landing

You're no matter, you're like anti-gravity
You can't hold me down, you can not handle me
The New School Newton sitting under an apple tree
So when I drop it, they better not try to stop it

I'm giving it all I got, good God, I gotta go the distance
The difference, between you and I is more than physics
The mystical spirit that dwells within my lyrics
Appeared to me in a vision, and told me that ya'll should hear this

Track Name: 12 Back In The Day (Prod. by Daptive)
Back in the days when I was a teenager
Before I had status, and before I had a major
You could find Billy C., listening to hip-hop

The soundtrack to my life, rhythm to my heartbeat
Mic in my hand where the gods and the stars meet
Are we / there yet no but we ain't far see
Astoria to Marcy, BX, Canarsie

My bars be charging your credit cards, I'm costly
Northern Boulevard, traffic guards couldn't cross me
Offbeat, but I'm always on track
Anything can happen, but it's how you react

That defines you, every line I rhyme should remind
You are bigger then yourself and in time you will shine through
So look in the mirror at what you are seeing
Is the person that you are, ain't the person you are being?

But I leave it all to you with the hope you are dreaming
Of a better way to live a life worth leading
When it's my time I will go
And they won't have to ask they'll already know I went


Because to me this is the art of war
And I'm a carnivore, cutting up a carcass on a carving board
My pen, a sharpened sword, more than you had bargained for
Hard at work, stacking racks like a department store

Press my feelings through the letters of a keyboard
They keep asking, why you punching me for?
No rewards for detours, these rappers want free scores
And credit, when they as simple as an E chord

On a guitar, now watch me wear them out
Tearing it up, breaking it down, homie be think I'm clowning around
Backing it up with the sound, slapping you silly with syllables
Riddle your body with lyrical rounds, POW! OH! look at me now, WOW!

Thought we told you not to open your mouth
Why should I quit, my feet have yet to touch ground
I'm packing out the seats, while you're sitting in the crowd
As I'm reaching for the stars, you stay sleeping on the clouds