by Billy Conahan

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released March 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Billy Conahan Queens, New York

Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Billy Conahan is always quick to express his love for his city. An engaging performer with a natural storytelling ability, and charming wit, Billy found an audience and fan base that was truly captivated by his magnetic personality. His popularity and skill led him to opening for Mike Stud at the Highline Ballroom and Pusha T at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. ... more

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Track Name: Autopsy (Prod. by Noah B.)
Steering wheel in the hands of a driver
On his way home from the end of a cypher
An all-nighter, the sky brightens
Like the end of a tunnel when a life ends

Teeth clenched, could feel my jaw tighten
Mind lost in a verse I was writing
Brainstorming, thunder and lightening
I raced forward trying to beat up the red light when

A car had cut me off, I was busy fixing my zipper
The window was rolled down, the car rolled, shattered my fingers
Ribs cracked in half, back glass broken in
A limb was severed at the ligament, my other leg was pinned

The glovebox, it unlocked and the contents within
We're thrown to the side of the road, gone with the wind
Torn cardigans and cartilage, the carnage of a carriage flip
Saw a flash like a camera clicked

Have I survived? Or have I bleed out?
Am I alive? Or am I dead now?
You see I don't recall the ambulance, or any of the doctors?
Airlifted, but don't recall the choppers

The amount of meds probably knocked me out
Cause the facts can't be verified by anyone's account
But suddenly I felt a draft, I was tossed onto a slab
And tumbled out of what appeared to be a body bag

And what I saw next was horrendous
Scalpel across my scalp, a sliver of my appendix
A shiver went down my spine to the pit of my stomach
Took a good look as he dropped my heart in a bucket

Lungs were gutted black, too many years of the dutches
Once said, "if I die why not die with a blunt lit?"
An injury's circumference, the size of a quarter
Broken rib sliced through an aorta

The coroner called it quits, said it was getting late
Liver temp indicated TOD at 5:48
I arrived with no signs of life, no vitals
A car crash with no chance for survival
Track Name: Needle In A Haystack (Prod. by Airworks)
Ok let me get it straight, cause every point I make is valid
My talent is like a helmet, I couldn't bump heads without it
If you have yet to love it, I know your judgement is clouded
Perhaps you will not doubt it when the vicinity is crowded

And gets packed out, next morning you read about it was a packed house
The energy was electric. you just passed out
Angry you were neglected, you lash out
But pride is no protection, you'll get backed down

First round, out of the gate, we on the track now
Heard about a way to the surface without lost ground
Kingmaker, as to say that I bust crowns
Break bread from LA to Bucktown

True vet, give my dogs pounds
Whole pack full of aces, no bust downs
It ain't funny, stop smiling better face facts
Leave you laced up, face up, called it face mask

To bury good and evil are the same task
So I do this for my people, cause I see you
Everyday as you toil and you slave for a wage
And they say in way, time is nothing you can payback

So this is payback,
You're a one-take wonder cause even your engineer don't want the play back
Queens on the river, we don't play Jacks
Thread through the eye of the needle in the haystack

How much more of this can I take?
It's so hard to sleep when your soul's wide awake
Releasing tapes to the masses
Took a toke of the roach, inhaled the smoke then I passed it

And that last hit, it got me blasted
Brand new sounds from the first round draft pick
Conduct the flow like a mystero's symphony
Party up, 92 till infinity

Picture me perfectly through metaphor and hyperbole
Patterns in pitch switch mic circuits to currency
And now currently, I gett'em open like a surgery
Eyes burdendy, so def even the deaf have heard of me

The potency of poetry, prose poems like potpourri
Supposedly everyone needs a high, I do it vocally
Hopefully you know you ain't holding me back
Closed caskets for tracks, overdosed on raps