by Billy Conahan

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The third installment of the Twelve Month series.


released April 3, 2015

Lyrics / Production: Billy Conahan
Mixed / Master: Kevin Carafa
Cover: Christian Archibala (AD8)



all rights reserved


Billy Conahan Queens, New York

Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Billy Conahan is always quick to express his love for his city. An engaging performer with a natural storytelling ability, and charming wit, Billy found an audience and fan base that was truly captivated by his magnetic personality. His popularity and skill led him to opening for Mike Stud at the Highline Ballroom and Pusha T at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. ... more

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Track Name: Sincerely Yours (Prod. by Billy Conahan)
I wanna live fast, then die old / Fly through different time zones
Circle the whole world and back, then back again until I'm old
Do this with my eyes closed, like I rhyme with blindfolds
Blew up over night like drunk texting my ex's iPhone

So get the message or don't, cause either you will or either you won't
Remember when my only focus was dopiness, delivering lyrical smoke
Spiritual high, I have arrived, look in my eyes, there you will see
I'm stopping for nothing cause nothing can stop me, not even my family

And in truth, I don't blame them, cause dreams are unrealistic
Rather die knowing I tried and I failed, than living a life without vision
And don't expect them to understand my plans demand ambition
Steady your aim when you shoot for the stars, go beyond your limits

I'm on a mission from God like Jake & Elroy
The type to be smoking in the stairwell with the bellboys
Hell boy, you and I are no equal
All the money in the world don't mean a thing without the people

And to think I've seen greed form the evil in men
Some I thought of as partners, and some I thought of as friends
But what's important to them is no longer of my concern
All I know, is every day they're lessons to learn

And if they wanna spend they life as a villain, go ahead
The bad guys always die long after they are dead
But with that said, I'll let you know, the trees you climb are hollow
And just because a river runs, don't mean that it will follow

We are born alone, we die alone, but somewhere in the ether
We are tethered together in frequencies of the speaker
Even if you had it all, don't think it would please you
Even if it took a lifetime, still hope it would reach you

Hope your pieces fall in place, cause I used to believe in hustle
But, I had to back away cause all I was seeing was trouble
From the rubble I stood, shook the dirt off my shoulders
Seem to lose more friends everyday I get older

I keep my focus though, working everyday on my portfolio
That ride or die, bullshit, take it to the rodeo
An open/closed case, no days to waste
I got more mics to kill, bigger demons to slay

Keep your hatred at bay, and remember what you do it for
Music used to be for fun, used to be the only cure
To the person we don't know no more
Only wrote this with love, Sincerely Yours, It's Billy
Track Name: N.W.O. (Prod. by Billy Conahan)
No mercy, no peace, that's the code on the streets
(As we move toward, New World Order)
Drought and disease are no longer overseas
(As we move toward, New World Order)
Corrupt politicans and the crooked police
(As we move toward, New World Order)
Families grief as the killers walk free
(As we move toward, New World Order)

Living in a world where the cops could rob you
Grew up with toy guns playing cops and robbers
Quota is a motive, got a lock on the Projects
Profit-oriented, the more relentless the cop is

Please state your complaint
Like privatized prisons ain't a hint we are living in police states
Military equipment is in place
And if you thought it was safe, it ain't, get your war paint

Cause the bigger fucking picture's at play
And you may not see what it is at stake
And you maybe with a crowd that decides on day
Who they throw in the sea, who they burn at stake

By then it's too late, hide your face child
Don't need a Facebook page to fit a profile
Cause when they point fingers, and pull they're triggers
They only figure you were acting kinda hostile


They've got the whole world in their hands… (4x)

These talking heads, they puppets of propaganda
Property of a company, reporting to their handlers
Proprietors of hatred, we allow to set standards
Who manufacture lies while they're live on camera

With more answers, questions raised
Like how'd we ever get ourselves here in the first place
Shorter wages but they lengthen our workdays
Control the language so you cannot catch the wordplay

Poison airwaves with a violent ideology
Mark the people terrorists to terrify society
Use war and disease as a form of commodity
Showcase the jewels but hide away their atrocities

And gather information, they do it so quietly
They laugh at the fact that you think you have privacy
Sign away your life on a dotted line
Terms and conditions, they may apply (with)

Track Name: Thoughts On A Rainy Day (Feat. Henry Colle / Prod. by Billy Conahan)
Too often told my whole life is ahead of me
Low and behold, the totem pole grows steadily
Lord only knows, can be my own worst enemy
All of my foes are in the mirror standing next to me

Choking my throat, as I'm approaching my destiny
Couple swings at my goals, the closer I get to entropy
By any and by all means necessary
Son of a gun, so the BANG is hereditary

But on this is the day we become legendary
Billy Conahan unlike my contemporaries
I'm from Queens, I'm going to make it very clear
Of where I am from, and why it has a thousand cemeteries

Cause rappers think they sick like hypochrondriacs
But never leave a witness like the Zodiac
Killer like a Kodak picture of a Kodiak
With no one there to hold me back

And I wanna know if you catch it, can you feel it when it's going round?
If only for a second, do your feet ever leave the ground? (and they say)
Oh you need some restraining! But, do I need to explain it?
That when I MC, this is the way that it's going down

I put a pistol and a rhyme book on the same shelf
As a man of my caliber takes the same shells
Aim well, my story has yet to fade
Astoria representing, my story has yet to change

I'm more or less of the same / man I was when I came
The manner in which I rearranged the patterns on the page
I spit, spat, and spatter from a ladder where I paint
You chit-chat, and you chatter from a rafter where you are chained

I'm after what you have salvaged, i'm savage in all my ways
A bastard working his magic, the Master's a basket case
I've had it with all these rappers, jacking up all my space
They acting as if they just happened upon a stage

I'd rather have been an animal caged, then escaped
Deranged, Hannibal Lector eating your face
Manic depressive, obsessive in my trade
My objective, captivate the night, seize the day


Not off to a bad start
Sometimes you hit a wall like it was NASCAR
But you gotta EarnHeart to go faster
Start to finish, I was born to be a track star

Ignite passion off keys like a flat sharp
Been to hell and back, and all within my backyard
I didn't bring a lunch cause I packed bars
To catch'em all, poke ball, I'm a Master

Spit a cappella when there is no mic
I'm like four rappers in one, but that's no hype
Line'em up, till they in my line of sight
Cause they couldn't make the green in the lime-est of light

Peace to Silent Knight, cause the Line-Up's tight
The Headliner, the lineage is right
The minute that I spit it, I was destined to be liked
But that's the gift and the curse of my first life